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The Aerospace, Innovation, and Manufacturing (AIM) Center is a cutting-edge project by the Port of Pasco. It will take shape across 450 acres at the Tri-Cities Airport over the next two decades, offering a space for innovation, community engagement, and economic growth.

Vision: to provide the space and support for businesses to create a state-of-the-art, technology-driven complex that supports our local community for years to come.

A Blueprint for Success

In 2022, the Port of Pasco was chosen by the Washington State Department of Commerce for an Industrial Site Readiness pilot program. The AIM Center emerged from this, with a Master Plan approved in June 2023.

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Shaping the Future Together

As we continue planning the AIM Center, it is essential to recognize the valuable input of our community members. It is our commitment to engage, inform, and collaborate with the public and stakeholders throughout this journey. The first step in the public involvement process took place in 2023 when we asked stakeholders and local community members to provide feedback, concerns, questions, and aspirations for the AIM Center.

Public Involvement Goals:


Engage the community early, continuously, meaningfully, and inclusively.


Inform community members and stakeholders about the AIM Center’s community value and development progress.


Gather and actively listen to community feedback to inform the development of the AIM Center’s design, amenities, and features.


Develop common goals and support for future development.

Public Involvement:

8 stakeholder interviews which included community groups, city and county agencies, educational boards, and more

60 community members attended our open house

87 survey responses

Community members gathered at the AIM open house event Community members gathered at the AIM open house event Community members gathered at the AIM open house event

Community Feedback

Through the initial steps of our public involvement efforts, we received valuable feedback from the community. Below are some insights we’ve gained from Tri-Cities residents sharing their perspectives, concerns, and aspirations for the AIM Center.

Areas of Interest

34% Jobs & Industry

19% Traffic

15% Economic Impact

12% Construction

11% General Community Impact

5% Land Use

2% Timelines

2% Training & Education


Industry and Job Opportunities

Learn More About Our Public Involvement Efforts and Results.

One-Page Summary Complete Public Involvement Summary

Join the Conversation

We have heard and appreciate the community feedback. Over the next eight months, the Port of Pasco and its community partners will review and refine the Master Plan to address some of the concerns and desires of our community.

We invite you to continue shaping the future of the AIM Center. Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Subscribe to our e-newsletter to receive regular updates, like when we will begin convening the Community and Industry Advisory Groups in 2025.

Together, we are building a legacy for tomorrow’s aerospace pioneers.

Learn More:

The AIM Center is envisioned as a major aviation and aerospace industrial area located within the existing Tri-Cities airport boundary, adjacent to the runway system. It will create vital new jobs and bring significant private investment to support our rapidly growing community.

AIM Center project area map

The AIM Center will cater to companies that support new aerospace technologies, including electric and hydrogen-powered aircraft, vertical take-off and landing aircraft, autonomous flight systems, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing, and more.

The State of Washington has set an ambitious goal to add 300,000 manufacturing jobs in the state by 2031. Port of Pasco intends to position Pasco as a leader in this effort by intentionally planning to attract technology-focused, high-demand aviation and aerospace industries to the area, creating opportunities to grow sustainable, family-wage jobs for future generations.

Port of Pasco released a Master Plan for the development of the AIM Center in June, 2023. Further site investigation and engineering is necessary before construction of the AIM Center can begin. Port of Pasco wants to better understand community concerns now, so these concerns can be studied, and mitigation identified before construction begins.

Because this large area, development is likely to occur over several years. Phase 1 has been identified as the southern 140 acres within AIM 1. This location was chosen based on its frontage to Runway 3L, access onto Road 36, and proximity to where Tri-Cities airport plans to relocate the Airport Traffic Control Tower.

Expected Timeline


  • Continued public involvement
  • Initial industry outreach
  • Engineering & site-readiness evaluations


  • Community & industry advisory committees


  • Preliminary engineering & design for Area 1


  • Area 1 infrastructure development


  • Full infrastructure build-out for Area 1
  • Design & engineering for Area 2

The site will likely generate higher traffic volumes, requiring roadway and intersection improvements. The City's water system must be extended to serve the site. Significant sanitary sewer improvements, including a new lift station, are required. Other utilities, most notably electrical power, would need extensions or expansion to benefit the development.

These and other impacts to the surrounding environment will be studied more fully and findings shared with the public prior to construction. Public comments are welcomed and encouraged throughout this project so that mitigation can be addressed.

Rendering of AIM Center at Tri-Cities Airport Rendering of AIM Center at Tri-Cities Airport Rendering of AIM Center at Tri-Cities Airport Rendering of AIM Center at Tri-Cities Airport